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As per Naad Saastra, the universe is nothing but a vibration of sound. Bhajans are the best composed vibrations that not only soothe our disturbed mind, but also links the human souls to the Supreme Soul whom we call as Lord Jagannath.

Modern Quantum Physics says that the entire universe is generated, organized and distorted by a very huge voltage energy that they have named as ‘Dark Matter’. Thousands years ego, Indian sages knew this phenomenon of the universe. ¬†They identified an approachable and magnificent link to the ‘Dark Mater’ and the is Lord Jagannath.

Dark means black and Lord Jagannath is known be the ‘Black Lord’. In Odia (Oriya) he is popularly known as ‘Kaalia’, ‘Kala Thakura’, ‘Kala Krushna’, ‘Kala Badana’ etc. ‘Kala’ in Odia means Black or Dark. Lord Jagannath is the source of entire Dark Matter in the universe, all source of energy, the biggest power house of all the universes.

The connection between us humans with the Lord Jagannath means getting maximum of energy from the Dark Matter. The best and easiest way to connect with Lord Jagannath is through the heart-touching Odia Jagannath Bhajans or Oriya Jagannath Bhajans. The more you listen Jagannath Bhajans the more you get energized and move in the true direction of spirituality.

Lord Jagannath is not the lord of any particular religion or race, the is the Lord of entire Humanity and Jagannath Bhajans are best links between Lord Jagannath and any human being who listens it, sings it or even remembers it.

JagannathBhajan.com is an honest trial to help the wider mankind across the world to get connected with the supreme Lord Jagannath and get blessed through listening these Jagannath Bhajans.
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